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Our mother’s day weekend found us perusing through the gardens of Charlotte’s elite – legally this time. My parents’ friends, who are very in the know, told us about the Winghaven Garden tour – a tour-of-gardens event that happens every Mother’s Day, thanks to the donation of the Winghaven residence by its previous owners. We saw some gorgeous gardens (and homes) and seriously lush foliage and blooms. I have about 100 pictures of the pretty flowers, but rather than showing you something you could see everyday, I’ll walk you through the high points that I found – and the things I only wish I could adopt into my own yard.

We have a bit of a slope in our backyard, so when we saw this chic solution, I about pulled out the pocketbook and offered these homeowners money to work their magic on my yard. Their vast array of plants make these levels super interesting to look at and completely solve the solution of a dreaded sloped yard. I’m keeping this solution in my idea bank (ie. my ol’ noggin) and hoping to make it a reality in our backyard some day soon.

Scott and I are constantly at battle on the issue of sheds. Like, battle The ones that look moderately decent are way overpriced and the ones in our price range are shoddy and not the most attractive. We need a storage space for our bikes, lawnmower, et al. but have yet to find a viable solution. These sheds changed my mind. These are sheds done right. For goodness sakes, one of them has window and drapes – can I get a whoop whoop?!

This is another addition I’d lurve to add to the abode, in my perfect world. I’ve mentioned my perfect world before – where I have Heidi Klum legs and infinite amounts of moola. So yeah, this glass solarium might never become a reality – but just imagine having a beer on a cool, spring night and checking out your awesome yard, all whilst being indoors (bug free) and gazing at the stars? Count me in.

This traditional courtyard isn’t necessarily my cup of joe, but I gotta give props to the homeowners on how well it’s done. From the southern, pineapple fountain to the welcoming benches, it’s the perfect little courtyard to welcome visitors into your comfy home.

Got a garage that’s quite the eyesore? Pop a little trellis above and allow some confederate jasmine (yeah, I learned that name on the tour – go me) or some other vine do the work in creating some greenery over your glorified shed.

This little asian inspired garden was quite the treat. The homeowner managed to meld stone walkways, colorful planters, koi ponds and tons of different style of plants into one relaxing garden – without seeming overwhelming. Her bright blue planters were bursting with tons of flowers, making me rethink my one-flower pots. Definitely a garden to throw some inspiration my way.

Any fun gardening techniques you’ve seen that you’re dying to try? Or any new yard enhancing projects on the horizon this spring? Share the good word, homies!

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This Mother’s Day weekend was full of some crashing – wedding crashing of a hometown friend and house crashing on a Charlotte garden tour. By crashing, I mean that we were legitimately invited to the events, but I’m sharing the details/pretty things that I found along the way. We didn’t really crash this wedding, although Scott did eat his weight in crab cakes. It’s not a wedding without crab cakes, right? 

We attended a lovely wedding this weekend for a girl from my hometown. The weather was pretty dicey in the days leading up to the event, but the clouds parted just in time to shine some gorgeous sunshine on this stunning setting. Check out the digs for the reception at Lake Lure, courtesy of the Rumbling Bald Resort.

Freaking. Stunning. I loved my wedding, but after seeing this setting, I considered asking Scott to do the whole thing over again. Just check out the view from the reception area – could this be out of a movie? Possibly the infamous Dirty Dancing? I think so.

The bride did a great job of choosing simple yet unique centerpieces. She used the somewhat typical hydrangeas and cala lilies, but the way they were arranged for the centerpieces was really whimsical.

The bridesmaids also had simple bunches of hydrangeas that gave the wedding a sweet, springy feel. They created the perfect backdrop for a sweet first dance with the newlyweds.

My parents were in town for the wedding, as well as for a Mother’s Day centered weekend. Just for good measure, check out a picture of the fam, drinks in hand. First order of business at a wedding is hitting up the free wine and gin & tonics, and soaking in the beautiful North Carolina weather. Nothing better, right?

Stay tuned for some fancy shmancy Charlotte garden crashing soon!

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