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Today marks the two year anniversary of the day Scott and I purchased our lovely little home. It was the beginning of an era – the beginning of our life as a married couple, the beginning of our fav pooch, Charlie, and the beginning of our adventures in home renovation. We’ve had some great times in this house of ours: seeing our lovely little dog take his first steps and celebrating our first wedding anniversary, just to name a few. We’ve also encountered some pretty interesting times – multiple leaks in the roof, which led to moldy ceilings (score!), doors too tight for their frames, bug infestations, etc. Ahh, the joys of home ownership!

To properly celebrate this momentous occasion, let’s take a little walk down memory lane to see a few of the changes we’ve done to spruce up the place!

The kitchen before we moved in sported a stove and fridge straight out of the 1950s, as well as outdated white cabinet knobs and grimy tiled countertops. We decided to spruce it up on the cheap by keeping the new cabinets and good-enough tile flooring, while adding some swanky new quartz countertops and DIY tile backsplash, product of yours truly.

With a coat of green paint, new black appliances and a proud pooch, our kitchen went from drab to totally rad. Yay us! We also tackled a mini-bathroom makeover for our guest bathroom, which was in desperate need of repair, thanks to the dingy textured walls that we inherited with the house.

We added some super thin drywall to cover the monstrosity that is textured walls, replaced the mirror and, of course, added a fresh coat of cool blue paint. We also finished the whole room off with some new, crisp white crown moulding, which makes all the difference in home renovation land.

When we toured our house before purchasing, we were wowed by the huge master bedroom, but knew that we would want to put our own spin on the room. The white ceiling fan and scroll curtain rods weren’t our cup of tea – at all.

We slapped some paint on those drab walls, brought in some pictures to remind us of good times and hung some curtains to add a little bit of drama. We’re still awaiting our super mod bed to be delivered, and contemplating a future rug and bench purchase, but for now our master suite is music to our ears.

We’ve had lots of other fun projects to fill up our spare time, but I’ll save those for another post. Happy birthday, the artful abode! Here’s to another year of pulling weeds, touching up paint and avoiding major roof renovations. Yay! :)

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Our economy-friendly guest bathroom reno is finally completed! Well, for the time being at least. Give me a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll want to figure out a solution for our dilapidated floor or want to buy a new shower curtain. But, as of today, it’s completed. Scott and his buddy Todd (who has so generously helped us on many a home project) got to work a few weekends back adding crown moulding to the space – the icing on the cake to their drywall job a few months ago. Thanks to Todd’s new super saw, the team could once again reunite and try their hand at another first time home renovation job – scary.

See the gears in their heads just churning away? After Scott painted the new crown moulding a crisp, glossy white, the boys had to figure out what angles to cut the crown moulding, based on it’s placement in the room and the angle of the crown. Sound like a head scratcher? It is. Thankfully, our lovely Google saved the day (as always) and provided the boys with a conversion chart (similar to this one) that led them in the right direction. They learned to try practice cuts on scrap pieces of crown first to make sure the angles were correct, and then went for the real deal on the finished pieces.

The boys also got to play with a nail gun (powered by an air compressor) to hang up the new crown. We used this for a few other minor jobs around the house and I must say it’s my new favorite tool. We borrowed it from our neighbor, who is basically Tina the Tool (wo)man, so I’m hoping we’ll find an excuse to bust out this bad boy again.

Look at that sweet mitered corner! You may notice the small gaps between the walls and the moulding, which we will attribute to our 1950s abode, not poor craftsmanship. These gaps are very common in old homes -and heck, new homes as well. Walls are never straight! You simply put a bead of caulk in that gap (and over the nail holes), brush a quick finish coat of paint, and you’ll never know the difference.

Our guest bathroom is no longer the shame of our abode. He wears his crown of pristine glory like a prince like him should. This may be a budget friendly, lipstick on a pig kinda job, but don’t you think he looks a bajillion times better? We certainly do. :)

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Cool blue bathroom

This weekend Scott and I decided to tackle our guest bath, which was in great need of an update. Because we’re not in blog mode quite yet, we neglected to take the infamous before shots, but we did take some durings and afters. The before was filled with a very odd textured paint wall treatment (eww) an old medicine cabinet, and a very rickety wood shelf left from the previous owner. The floor tile still isn’t up to par, but we decided to forgo a complete gut of the bathroom (yay recession!) and just freshen things up a bit.

Scott and his buddy put up 3/8″ drywall over the existing drywall to avoid taking the textured paint/drywall mess and creating a large amount of dust. They tried to sand the textured paint at first, but despite their protective bubble, dust was covering the house. This is something we wouldn’t recommend trying. :) After that, we caulked between the drywall and the existing wall tile, put some extenders behind the existing outlets to meet the new drywall surface, and voile – new walls.


Charlie supervises the painting

Charlie supervises the painting

We decided to paint the walls a nice, soothing blue to brighten the space up (it was a dingy, darker yellow before). This is for our guests, so we wanted to give them a comforting space to use when they’re away from home. The blue also ties in nicely with our uber cool gray walls that we recently painted in the living room.


Shower curtain courtesy of the lovely Target

Shower curtain courtesy of the lovely Target

We added a new mirror from Home Depot Design center (10% off since the store is closing) and some cute square shelves from Target to store the bathroom essentials what used to be stored in the medicine cabinet.

We still need to put up the crown moulding and address the old, dingy floor, but the new bath is basically complete. Spa like retreat, no?

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