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Could there be anything more difficult to pick out than artwork? Not only does it make a statement in your home, but it’s an investment as well. While I’ve been working on my little master bedroom update, I’ve been researching artwork options to flank our bed (as well as researching bedside tables). I searched high and low and found some great options, but nothing was singing to me. That is, until I found this pin on Pinterest.

Jackpot. Graphic? Check. Free? Double check. Easy to change without guilt once I get tired of it? Bingo. I give all the credit of this idea to How about Orange, a great site for DIY ideas. I put my own twist on this with different colors, but the creativity was all from her original print. Jessica used Glidden paint swatches for her artwork, but I decided to try out the Martha Stewart line of paint colors from Home Depot. I kept on hearing how great her colors are, and lord knows I don’t need to paint my house anymore, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try them out (colors listed at the end of the post).

I grabbed four of each paint color (is taking that many swatches from Home Depot even legal?), but each print took about 70 triangles and I got 4 triangles from each swatch… so you can do the math. :) I cut all my little triangles (2″ tall x 1.25″ wide, per the tutorial) and got to work on my completely random layouts.

Cute, right? These prints were as simple as gluing triangles to a piece of paper – because that’s essentially what I did. I made one print a little lighter (mine) and one a little darker (Scott) so I would have his/her artwork for our bedroom.

I hung the prints behind our lamps, which may seem strange, but hanging them above the lamps would have ended up looking very awkward. When the print is hung at a height that relates to the furniture underneath it, it creates a sort-of vignette with the table, lamp and print – so all three pieces serve as one element in the room. Also, hanging art too high is just decorating suicide – keep that in mind, folks. You want a room to die? Hang art above eye level and you’ll succeed.

Notice our new white bedding and gray striped sheets? These are the summer changes I’ve been talking about – and we kinda love them. More on that later!

 Paint swatches used (all Martha Stewart Line): Talc, Sandpiper, Cityscape, Bayou, Eiderdown, Parchment Paper, Fennel Seed, Oolong Tea, Dried Chamomile, Schoolhouse Slate, Gabardine, and Falcon.


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This is the story of how I saved a couple bucks, realized what smart friends I have, and convinced my husband to get on board with pink furniture. How could these three things all possibly be about one little weekend project? I’m not quite sure, but that’s how this post started and I’m sticking to it.

For the past few months, I have been obsessed with researching new night stands for our bedroom. OBSESSED. I searched every (reasonably priced) furniture store I know of, checked every local antique store, and even spent hours on Pinterest (shocker) searching for inspiration or something that would be the. perfect. thing. for my master bedroom. You may or may not remember, but I was starting to tire of my sad little Ikea night stands, in these pictures of yore:

Kind of nondescript, right? Sure, when I purchased them 5 years ago, they were my first Ikea purchase and I was pretty excited at how great they looked for a whopping $30 dollars. But, they just weren’t cutting it for the updates we were doing in our bedroom, and it was time for a change. Hence, my extensive search.

After months of searching that only led to really expensive options or night stands I just wasn’t wild about, the lightbulb turned on that maybe I could reuse my existing Ikea night stands. Don’t I (and all other bloggers) preach about the wonders of paint and how they can dress up even the most drab of furnishings? Yes, of course, paint! Why hadn’t I thought of that before?

(imagine here a before shot of my nightstands with casters, followed by lots of action shots of me refinishing these tables. Bad blogger.)

Yes, the Ikea casters were not only very boring (i.e. lacking any architectural details) but they also had casters. I knew that if I was going to keep these nightstands in my house, I had to give them a proper foot. With cheap plastic casters, they were the ugly duckling of the house and I knew it was time for an upgrade. So the renovation started with lots and lots of research on furniture feet, which eventually led me to $2.00 bun feet at Lowe’s – the perfect proportions for my simple nightstand.

As for the finishing, I went to my coworker for advice, since her husband is a professional carpenter/finisher/jack of all trades. I was a bit hesitant to re-finish these cheap pieces of furniture, but I figured if there was a way, my expert friend would know it. Not only did I get great advice (for re-finishing cheap, wood-ish Ikea furniture), I got a plethora of great information and tools to use during my project. Seriously, it pays to have friends that are experts in fields you aren’t! First, I started with sanding the night stands so that a primer would actually stick to the laquer-esque finish. Then, I applied one coat of oil-based Kilz primer (oil based sticks to everything, especially your hands), sanded slightly, and got ready for the paint.

Yes, I have pink nightstands, and I love them. I’ve been working on neutralizing my bedroom (to be revealed at a later date – oh, the anticipation!) but I knew that I wanted some fun pops of color to keep things interesting. I pulled some paint swatches, most of which were in the terra-cotta family, and went to the husband for final approval. He wasn’t pleased. He said something along the lines of “I’m not having pink furniture in my house” and suggested I do something lime green or a crackle finish. After such comments, I had to re-iterate that I am a designer and he should trust me on this one – especially considering the alternative (see heinous suggestions above). I painted one, even coat of my new salmon paint, sanded with a fine, brillo-like sanding pad (from my professional, finisher friend) and painted another coat. At this point, my husband understood and got on board with the lovely, pink paint.

After the paint dried for a day or two, I applied two thin coats (sanding in between, of course) of water-based polyurethane to give a hearty finish to our night stands. We let the poly dry for a good two days before moving it back into the room and putting our belongings on them. Sure, the night stands could stand a little bit of styling (or some baskets to conceal my explosion of un-read books) but I’m so excited with the very inexpensive improvement. These certainly aren’t my forever solution, but for now, they’re just dandy. Dandy and pink go together quite well, right?

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Life has been busy, and I’m a broken record. I’m also going to do something a lot of bloggers tend to do – an iPhone dump. I’m such a cliché, right? Yes, I have an iPhone and yes, I kinda love it. And I wanted to share a few pictures I had on the ol’ phone, so why not do a virtual iPhone dump? I hear it’s the cool thing to do.

This weekend I attended a family wedding in Asheville, NC. I don’t know about you, but a family wedding is basically the best thing ever. My family is wonderful and funny and entertaining – and really knows how to throw a party. The rehearsal dinner was at a great venue, The Barns, in Black Mountain, NC and there was a bluegrass band called High Windy that was. so. good. We even bought their CDs afterwards, and felt like groupies.

After a night of foot stompin’ and barbeque eatin’ (catered by 12 Bones barbeque in Asheville), we took a trip to a huuuuge antique mall (Antique Tabacco Barn) that my coworker recommended. I was unsuccessful in finding new night stands, but I did send my coworker a picture of this cute dresser for $99 big ones.

Love that mirror! This antique mall was 77,000 SF of pure antique bliss. We found some beautiful old doors with egg-and-dart moulding and beveled glass, a custom wood cabinetry/divider wall, and a campaign dresser for a whopping $950. I decided to pass on that one. But seriously, if you’re in Asheville, check it out! We were all quite impressed with the goods they had there.

The actual wedding was at another beautiful venue, The Farm, and everything was perfect. There were wild horses for the guests to pet and a bonfire for s’mores under the stars.

The best part, though, was the Photobooth. This is a big trend in weddings now, and I have to agree that it’s the best thing ever. So fun!

Oh, and while my parents were up in NC visiting us, my sister decided to have a baby. She’s really known for her good timing with childbirth. Meet Clara Elaine, my new little niece. So excited to meet her!

One more photo dump: here is a little something that I’m working on in the abode. We’ll see if it turns out into something blogworthy! Thanks for hanging in there with me, readers!

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It’s so interesting to me to see how my design aesthetic evolves as I get older. Five years ago, I was slapping apple green paint on my walls and buying bright, poppy accessories. Now, I’m craving something a bit different. I lean more towards neutral backdrops with subtle hints of pattern and texture. Take our living room, for example:

The Before

The (always in progress) After

My latest neutral focus has been my bedroom. Yes, my current bedspread is quite fetching, but for some reason I’m dying for a white oasis. I’ve been on the hunt for a lovely white bedspread, neutral but patterned sheets, and a little splash of color in some lamps and pillows. It’s quite the change from my norm, but I’m excited to have a hotel-esque bedroom at some point in the future (doesn’t white bedding just scream luxury hotel room?). Here is a dump of the inspiration I’ve been putting on pinterest recently.*

Maps for wallpaper? If I actually did this, my husband might explode with excitement.

Anyone else out there noticing their style changing as they grow up? Are you moving toward more sophisticated palettes, or more fun color combinations?

*for those of you that have been living under a rock (or, if you’re my dad), Pinterest has saved me from a very disorganized jumble of bookmarks and has now put all of my inspirations in one fabulous place. i heart it.

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*Editor’s Note: my dear friend told me that she was perplexed why my last post was about scones, when clearly there were pictures of light fixtures – and not biscuits. I’m so glad that I have friends that can teach me about echolocation and behavioral ecology, and that I can teach them that a wall mounted light fixture is in fact a sconce, and not a typo.*

January is turning out to be the month of mini updates to the abode. We’re enjoying our (much appreciated) bonuses and trying to figure out the best way to invest that money into something that we’ll get a lot out of. We thought long and hard about redesigning our closet so that it was more functional (some terrible sketches may have been involved), but in the end decided to put our hard-earned dollar into something we could take with us.

This was the dresser we had been living with since we said I do. You might be thinking that this looks like a mighty fine dresser (despite the bat’s wing escutcheon plates*) but looks can be deceiving. We were literally busting at the seams in this bad boy. The drawers were a bit shallow, not to mention rickety, and we were quickly outgrowing our hand-me-down furniture. We even made several trips to Goodwill to get rid of items we didn’t need, but for some reason the dresser wasn’t cutting it for our combined wardrobes. Luckily for me, I have a husband that gets his kicks buying new furniture, so we started the dresser search.

We knew that we wanted something with a dark stain and simple lines, and this Pottery Barn beauty seemed to fit the bill. We visited the store and promptly fell in love with the roomy drawers, but were not in love with the price tag. Almost $2,000 for two chests?! We just couldn’t justify spending so much on something so simple – especially when we found something so similar for half the price.

Well hello, Pottery Barn look-a-like. It’s so nice to meet you. We decided to check out Haverty’s, since we found our sectional there and were super happy with the reasonable price. Once we saw this dresser that had the clean lines and dark stain we were looking for, at half the price, our decision was a no brainer. We ordered up two of these beauties, and in five to ten business days, we were the proud new owners of a ton more storage space.

We flipped the room around a bit to have the dressers flank the window where our bed used to reside. We realized that after 3 years, our bedroom was feeling a bit ho-hum – and this switcheroo was just the change that we needed to make the room feel like new. Plus, mister Charlie’s bed is now in its own little nook, which he is absolutely smitten with.

Now, as you can see, the wall where our dresser used to be in unbearably bare, while the other side of the room is busting with eye candy. We’ll eventually move our photo collage to this newly open wall, but that’s another post for another day.

And, mister elephant has found a new place, which is no longer in front of the television, making for a very happy husband. Next up, our budget friendly rug purchase that is making my husband grrr with frustration, but making me feel like I live in an episode of Sarah’s House. Confused? Stay tuned.

*that refers to the hardware that’s on the drawers. There’s another bit of useless trivia for my dear friends that have no clue what I’m talking about 95% of the time.

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All this warmer weather had me itching for some new bedding in our master bedroom. I was still smitten with our paisley bedding, but we’ve had it for quite some time and it was time to change things up a bit and bring some color into our boudoir.

Now, you have to understand something about me: 1) warm weather makes me extremely happy, and 2) I crave change. Put those two things together, plus the hubs being out-of-town, and I was on a full-on bedding hunt for 2 days straight. I hit up all of the local retailers I could think of, plus discount places like Marshall’s and Ross. I even scoured the internet for hours trying to find something that was just the right amount of color and pattern to ease my indecisive mind. And where did I find our snazzy new bedding? The mecca of all things indie and, quite frankly, not really me – Urban Outfitters.

Urban’s sunshine medallion duvet was just what I needed to feed my need for a burst of color. Sure, it’s a bit on the hippy side, but I just love the colors and the large-scale pattern. We like to let Charlie up on the bed every once in a while (shh don’t tell) so I wanted to find a duvet that had enough going on (ie. not white) that it would hide any doggy dirt. I also wanted something that would work with our existing wall color – this is totally not the way to design, but I’m too lazy to repaint the walls right now.

This bedding also made me realize how great of a purchase our neutral Tate bed was. It’s the perfect backdrop for a colorful duvet, and the simple details of the bed help to combat the wild pattern (I’m totally talking myself into this purchase, aren’t I? I swear I’m happy with it).

We decided to move the rug from our living room into the bedroom, since we have a new rug for the living room on the way. I love how the neutral rug grounds the room and it’s so nice to have something cushy for our feet to land upon on a cool, spring morning.

As always with a new purchase, I notice things that need to be tweaked in the space. Have you seen our sad and outdated Ikea table lamps? I’ve been ignoring them for some time because, again, the laziness. But now that we have something fresh and new, I’m dying for some new lamps – possibly yellow? I’m thinking I can find two thrift store lamps of different styles and tie them together with a glossy yellow finish and white drum shade. Project!

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The day has finally arrived. All of the anticipation and anxiousness has culminated itself into this one moment: the bed delivery. Pretty dramatic for a piece of furniture, right? Well, this isn’t just a bed. It’s a BIG GIRL bed. I talked about our purchase a couple of months ago, and since we placed our order, we’ve been waiting and waiting for Crate and Barrel to let us know when the fateful day would arrive. Apparently our bed was made by one handed old men and spun with pure gold for the amount of time it took to get here, but that’s beside the point. All hail the Tate bed in all of its ivory fabric glory!

The sleek, low platform bed is definitely something we’re getting used to, but we’re super pleased with the purchase. Just the fact that we’re now able to lean up against something solid while we read at night (ie. not the window blinds) makes this bed purchase a win in our book. We’re also really pleased with the fabric choice. The standard khaki color was nice, but this smooth ivory will be super versatile when we change out the bedding in the future – which I’m sure will happen very often. In case you forgot, here is what our college-esque bed frame looked like before the arrival of Mr. Tate.

Ho hum. Oh, and in case you’re wondering where our awesome paisley bedspread went to, no need to fret. We’re in what I like to call “Scott Summer Mode” which means we strip down our bed to the bare bones (ie. the throw only) so that the hubs doesn’t sweat himself to death at night. Nice visual, huh? Despite the fact that our house is a cool 75 degrees everynight and I’m perfectly happy to be doused in down all year round, we use just our throw in the summer time to keep things cool. I’m not bitter. Does anyone else have a “summer set” of bedding?

Now that we have a real bed, we also have real design details, like this perfectly tufted headboard. Swoon. It’s just enough detail to get me worked up, but not too traditional to make me wanna spew. I’m down with cabriole legs and highboys, but just not in my home for some reason. Clean lines is the way to go for this abode.

Kinda like in our new “footboard”. Platform beds don’t have a footboard, which is something we struggled with in our bed decision. We didn’t want our bedding to always be sliding off the end of the bed, so hopefully with this design our bedding can stay nicely tucked into our faux footboard and stay on our bodies, where it belongs. How do you guys like the new digs? Are you pleased as punch about the fabric choice like we are?

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