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Money for Nothing

In honor of my husband’s birthday tomorrow (Happy birthday, Scottie!) I thought I’d delve into Scottland for a bit and share with you a new way that the hubs has been keeping our money in check. One thing I love about Scott is his insane organizability (yeah, it’s not a word… just run with it) when it comes to our finances, but it’s also the thing that drives me nuts about him. Our finances are so in check that it’s sick, but that came at the price of me always having to hold onto receipts and log them into Quicken in a matter of minutes after a transaction occurred. Well, thanks to this new site that my dear husband found, our days of saving receipts are long gone. Score!

Mint.com is a website that serves as a financial organizer for your moola – and so much more. You basically set up the website with all of your money items (credit cards, mortgage, savings, loans, etc.) and it picks up on when a purchase or transaction happens and updates it in the website. Now, this is cool enough in my eyes because we no longer have to log every receipt in order to keep on top of what we’re spending – the┬ásite does it for you! I could be sold on that fact alone, but this site has tons of other features that are super useful.

Take for instance, figuring out how much money you spend where. Mint.com takes all of the legwork out of it, and creates nice little visuals like these (taken from the front page.. you don’t think I’d share my big money info with you nice folks, did you?) that give you an idea of where your precious dough is being spent. I know that if I see a visual like a pie graph, it helps me remember how much I’ve spent on fun stuff and when we need to cut back. They also have a great budget tool where you can set up how much you think you should be spending on each category in your life, and the bar graph will let you know when you’re getting close to your limit each month. The site also hosts a great interface that’s easy to read (and nice to look at), as well as a homepage that lists all of your accounts, stocks, etc. in one easy place to follow. It’s really super simple to use – if you want a methodical way to keep track of your money but don’t have an eager husband like myself, then hop on over to this site and see what they’re all about. Any money saving/sanity saving tips out there you’d like to share?

Images courtesy of mint.com … who did not endorse this post. Pinkie swear.

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