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You might be thinking “why are you and your family waving goodbye at the beginning of a baby shower?” or “why are you not dressed for a baby shower?’. Well, we planned a wonderful shower for my big sister, and she had to go and have a baby. The nerve! I didn’t actually get to attend the shower I helped orchestrate, but I thought I’d still share some pictures of the little details we did to make this shower a winner…even if the guest of honor wasn’t present. D’oh!

Any ounce of creativity I have in my bones comes from mi madre. She constantly says she’s not, but really, she’s the brains behind most creative schemes that we cook up together. She created this oh-so-cute backdrop for the food table that was perfectly bird themed. From the custom runner she made from birdie fabric to the little white ceramic birds and bird nests, the table just ooozed baby bird awesomeness. My mom also made this great centerpiece with two glass vases – one smaller than the other. The smallest vase housed some springy flowers, and then simply slipped inside the larger vase, which was filled with some rafia-type material and little robin’s eggs (an abstract bird’s nest, if you will). Easy peasy, right? Go Mom!

The birdie landscape was the perfect backdrop for our summer-brunch affair. We had some simple fruit and veggie trays, a glorious cupcake stand with the best darn cupcakes this side of the Mississippi, breakfast casserole, and some very festive cups and plates that hit the whole brightly colored theme home.

I whipped up these quick little place cards (with a bird on them… of COURSE) that served as labels for the food items and a little sign to direct guests to leave a bit of advice for the future mom to be (well, current mom at that point coincidentally).

And these were the comment cards that guests could leave their words of wisdom on. I couldn’t resist throwing a little speech bubble on this to make it playful – perfect for a baby themed event.

Another little food item we had for the guests was some baby boy blue candy, complete with serving spoons and little baggies so they could take a treat home with them. This was also cooked up by my mom. I’m telling you – brains behind it all. Don’t let her tell you any different.

Just in case the guests weren’t aware of the bird theme from their invitations, we hit them in the face right as they walked in with a bird egg wreath. I believe we have to give Michael’s credit for this one, but it could easily be a DIY job with some twine, hot glue and some faux bird eggs. Brilliant!

We didn’t get any pictures of the origami birds that Scott and I slaved over (hey, we were kind of preoccupied with a baby being born!) but we hung them above the candy station with a metal mobile from Ikea. Since we rocked it out and had so many origami cranes, I decided to whip up a little door art for my sister’s hospital room with the leftovers. We gotta keep up with the Jones’ on the hospital floor, right? We were a little lacking in the ribbon department, but we found some household string and file folders, and made a quick banner of sorts with paper letters and origami birds. Welcome to the world, little Henry!

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Sometimes life gets in the way of things. You plan and plan and think you have everything in order, but then life happens and throws a hitch into everything. In this case, a perfectly wonderful hitch.

As you all know, my sister’s friends, my mom and myself have been spending a lot of our spare time working on shower details for my sister’s baby shower that was this past weekend. We had everything set up – bird details in place, cupcakes galore, origami birds a’flying, and then BOOM – life happened. My sister’s little one decided he wanted to attend the shower, so she went into labor and had my lovely little nephew a half hour after the shower started. How’s that for a change of plans?

The wonderful part in this hitch is that my whole family was actually present for the birth, and my sister’s wonderful friends threw a shower in her honor. Kind of like a wedding without a bride, but still a lovely wedding indeed. :) I’ll share the wonderful shower details in a later post, but I wanted to share a few nursery details that I added during my visit. What can I say? A designer’s job is never complete.

What this room was really missing was a (free carpet tile) rug. We brought in the orange and navy accents in these tiles, as well as a little thread that mimicked the cool blue walls. Plus, my sister has an extra carpet tile just incase vomit baby stuff gets on one of the tiles. Kid friendly, no?

The sleek, linear pattern of the tiles really ties into the modern feel of the room. Plus, by quarter turning the tiles, we get a bit of texture and dimension in the space, yet our pattern is subtle enough to keep this nursery calm and soothing for baby time.

We added some custom bike art when we tackled the nursery the first go round, but I felt like this single frame was a bit lonely above the baby changing table. One of the shower gifts I gave to my sister was these two coordinating frames from Ikea to flank either side of her DIY bike art. They created a more properly scaled art piece for this area, as well as a family wall that baby Henry will be able to enjoy while he gets his poopie cleaned. :) I printed a cute picture of the family pooch, Luca, for one frame, and left another frame vacant for a future picture of the babe.

The nursery is finally completed (for now) and not a moment too soon – baby Henry should be on his way home any day! Maybe now my nursery and bird obsessions will subside for a bit…. just maybe.

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Box O’ Birdies

I’ve learned something about myself – when I do something, I tend to go all out. Meaning, when I’m working on a project, it starts to consume my (personal) life. Ever since my sister’s baby shower came about, all I can think about is bird related things and how to put those cute little birdies I found on anything and everything. Hence, my blog has turned into a super boring, bird focused journal of my latest and greatest obsession. Now, just because I’ve come to this realization doesn’t mean that you’re safe from ANOTHER bird related post. Enter, origami birdies!

One of my sister’s college buddies, who is heading up the shower committee, mentioned that she had a fun mobile for the shower decorations and asked if anyone was willing to make origami birds (to keep with our cute birdie theme). I obviously volunteered, despite the fact that I’ve never attempted origami, but couldn’t resist the chance to do something crafty. Plus, it gave me the chance to check out the new Paper Source store here in Charlotte, which is now my new favorite store. Ever. I walked in and burst into song and dance because every nook and cranny contained hordes of beautiful papers and stationary. HEAVEN. I thought I would have to make my own origami paper out of wrapping paper or some other type of thin paper, but of course Paper Source has these awesome origami sets. The patterns are fantastically modern and just the perfect size for an origami project. Did I mention this store is my happy place?

After I stopped snuggling with my beautiful paper, I decided to find out how to make some paper birdies. I did a quick google search and found this super helpful video that walks you through the process of making the origami crane. There is also a downloadable PDF showing you some simple diagrams, but the video is definitely the way to go. The hubs even got in on the arts and crafts action, thanks to this helpful video. He said it reminded him of his note passing days in middle school, where he wooed the ladies with his brilliantly folded notes. How did I get to be so lucky?

24 lovely pieces of paper and 24 kickin birds later, I now have the knowledge to take the origami world by storm. Well, at least the origami crane world. They’re super easy to make and are a great little project if you’re looking for a simple touch to add to a wrapped gift or a bottle of wine for a friend. Try it yourself and let me know if you’re obsessed like I am!

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Sweet baby jesus!

After a lovely day on the boat with some friends, I came home to veg on the couch and watch some Friends episodes. Pretty typical little evening. Well, Scott pulled up a favorite blog of ours, Young House Love, and lo and behold my sister’s nursery was staring back at us from the kingdom of Blogland.

Whaaaa? That’s right, I’ve hit the big time, baby. My blog has received almost 1,000 hits today (as opposed to the typical 30 a day) and I’m over the moon! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog if you’re one of the many today and I hope you come back around in the future to check out what else I have in store. And thanks to Sherry and John for allowing my little before and after to grace the pages of your kickin’ blog. You can see the post on their site here. :)

And for those of you stopping by from YHL who would like to see the full nursery post, check out the goods here. Happy browsing!

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After some great feedback on my sister’s shower invitations, I decided to take the plunge and print these suckers out. I made a few minor tweets tweaks on the text sizes/colors, but overall it seems that the birdie invitation design was a winner from the get go. These were printed on simple white card stock – turns out you can only buy card stock in massive economy packs, so I have enough to get me through the next 50 years.

I decided to use a corner rounder to soften up the edges a bit, making it more appropriate for a baby shower. Sharp edges + baby = bad idea. I can relate, since I cracked my head open as a kid on the corner of a coffee table. Ow! Did you catch that bird reference – cracked? Yeah, there’s more where that came from.

Since the invitations were brightly colored, I decided to have a little fun and forgo the standard white envelopes and pick up some punchy colored ones from my favorite Charlotte stationary store, Papitre. (unfortunately, no website – boo!) I had my mind set on some cool blue envelopes to mimic the blue in baby Greenlee’s nursery, but couldn’t help myself when I saw the rockin orange envelopes. Why not do half and half? Now all I have to do is address these birdies and send them on their merry way. :)

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Tweet Invites

As you very well know, my big sis has a bun in the oven. When an event like this comes around, I can’t help but get creative and get involved, whether is be designing a nursery or helping to throw a baby shower. I’m basically a wannabe Martha Stewart, but without the criminal record (zing!). So, for my sister’s upcoming baby shower, I thought I’d take a stab at designing some invitations. I’m by no means a graphic designer – I’m limited to my minimal knowledge of photoshop and the free brushes I can find on the internet (anyone want to give me Illustrator? teach me the program? Anyone?). But, I digress. The whole bird theme seems to be popping up everywhere in baby land. Even ol’ Martha featured some bird themed shower ideas on her website. With the fun words like “hatching” and “nesting”, the bird theme really is a win win.

While thinking about a bird themed shower, I just so happened to come upon the most perfect invitation during a little light blog stalking. I had to borrow OhBrooke’s text design for my invitations (because it was downright perfect), but decided to try my hand at creating a different design to fit my sister’s taste. Behold, Option numero uno.

option one

option one

Does this invite make you wanna pop on over for some yummy treats on a saturday morning, or would you prefer something a bit different, like option numero dos?

option two

I would love love love some feedback on these (like “ew that’s gross, change the colors” or “oh my goodness, you’re brilliant!”) so drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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Make me a Mobile

Remember that kickin’ mobile that I made for the bodacious boy boudoir? It’s time for a little tutorial on how that $12 gem came to be so you too can enjoy the soothing swishes and turns of a custom mobile…without breaking the bank. If you have a nephew/baby on the way, or just want some 3D art in your home, you can whip up this homemade mobile in about 30 minutes flat. 

I saw a similar mobile on etsy one day while doing some nursery research, but wasn’t quite sold on the color scheme that the seller offered. Then it occured to me – why not make a mobile? It couldn’t be that difficult, right? It’s just some hangy things on some string to keep the baby’s mind gears turning – I think I can handle that. I used the etsy mobile as my guideline and popped over to my beloved neighborhood Michael’s to stock up on some supplies.

Riveting photograph, I know. My supplies for this project were as follows: 3 squeezy bottles of craft paint, 2 foam paint brushes (I splurged for 2 to speed up my process since they weren’t more than 50 cents each), a bag of pre-cut wood shapes for $3.00 and some bead jewelry string (easier to work with than fishing wire, in my opinion). I also picked up a 9″ brass hoop and some fun orange ribbon after my attempt to create a top from a clothes hanger failed miserably.

Once I had my handy craft supplies, I laid out the pre-cut shapes into three columns, being sure to mix up the patterns and the lengths of the mobile pieces to give the final piece some dimension. You could use all one shape of wood cut outs, but I would recommend keeping the length of your mobile pieces varied so there is a bit of visual interest when the mobile is hanging. I then brushed some cheap-o craft paint on my wood pieces, let dry, then painted the other sides.

My seminole lovin’ heart was desperately resisting painting these pieces orange and blue, but hey, it’s all in the name of design. I still know where my loyalties are. :) After the paint dried (remarkably in about 5 minutes) I took a large size nail and created a hole in the center of each wood piece. I did this by nailing the nail into each size of a wood piece on top of an old magazine. Unconventional, I know, but I didn’t want to search for a scrap piece of wood to nail into, so the magazine got the job done. I just hope that Reese Witherspoon will forgive me for jabbing a nail into her photo spread repeatedly.

After that, I strung the jewelry string through the wood pieces at varying lengths, tying a quick knot on each side of the wood pieces so they stayed put in their positions on the string. After all three strands were completed, I tied them to my brass hoop and kept a long strand of excess string to use to hang the finished mobile.

The brass ring I used for my top just didn’t mesh with the modern decor of the nursery (brass screams old lady – sorry brass lovers, but trust me on this one) so I pulled out some punchy orange ribbon and a hot glue gun and went to town wrapping that brass bad boy. I had to get some assistance from my grumbly husband to hold the mobile up while I wrapped (he’s not a fan of the arts and crafts), but you could hang it from a ceiling fan and get the same effect. After I wrapped the brass away, the mobile was complete and ready to be hung in said nursery. Simple, no?

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Weekend Warriors

This weekend was jammed packed for me and Scott. We took a trip down to Florida to visit the fam and tackle the daunting task of turning an office into a guest bedroom, a living room into a living room/office, and a guest bedroom into a baby’s nursery. Sound like it lot? It was. But it was a blast and the end result was exactly what I had envisioned, which rarely happens. Bonus! Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see what the plans for the nursery were:

We used the existing bedding, whose circles led to a bike theme for the room, including some custom bike art and a bike mural on the wall. My sister had already purchased the crib and glider, but other than that we were working from scratch in the space. Get ready for a picture explosion.

Dad used his infamous painting skills, along with his infamous painting scrubs, to put a nice cheery blue on the walls to brighten up the space. We chose a color that worked well with the bedding but that would also coordinate with our navy and orange accents in the room. We went with a low VOC paint since my sister is pregnant and she didn’t want to end up with a “three headed baby” – her words, not mine.

Scott and Andy (the baby daddy) got to work hanging a new ceiling fan in the space that would bump up the circulation of cool air for the bebe. We also installed a new wall sconce from Ikea (you can see the heinous one that was in place beforehand in the painting picture above), as well as installing some floating Ikea shelves and curtain rods from Target. Our drill got plenty of good work this weekend – thank goodness for power tools!

The piece de resistance of the room is the custom bike mural that we painted in a crisp white paint. We borrowed a projector from my sister’s school and projected a bike image that we found online onto the walls. We started by outlining the image with a white paint pen (a tip I got from my coworker) and then basically played coloring book to fill in the lines with a couple of different size paint brushes.

After two days of blood, sweat and tears, a trip to Target, and 10 carrot cake cupcakes later, the nursery was completed. We’re still working on finding the perfect rug and another bookshelf for some much needed storage, but the majority of the room is ready to go for no-name-baby-boy.

The white bike mural makes just the right visual impact when you enter the room, along with our custom bike artwork in the oh-so-affordable Ikea frame. The white grommet top curtains (from Ikea as well) bring even more light into the room, which is exactly what the doctor ordered in this space.

We kept an existing dresser that’s been in our family for a loooong time for a changing table and installed some floating shelves above for some modern, open shelving. We made sure to install the shelves at a reachable height for my 5′-2″ sis, but not low enough that she might be knocking her head while changing the baby. We picked up a couple of orange accents from Target’s office supply department and hung another piece of DIY bike art over the changing area.

The glider from Babies R Us perfectly fills the other corner of the room, which also includes the new Ikea sconce and a custom mobile a la Audrey as a gift to my sister (tutorial on that to come). The bicycle pillow hails from CB2 and yet again brings the bike theme home, in a bright blue and green embroidered kind of way.

And one final picture of the crew, dogs included. The dogs worked super hard the whole weekend, doing behind the scenes work like electrical wiring and assembling a crib. They were pretty tuckered afterwards, to say the least. :) Share your thoughts on the bodacious boy boudoir!

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On the road again…

We’re planning one of our many trips down to Florida for Easter Weekend. Both of our families are pretty important to us, so we spend a good part of our weekends making trips down to Florida to see the in laws. It’s quite the treck, but we’ve become pretty good at packing up the car with luggage, computers, Charlie, Charlie’s play area, etc. We’re like a winnebago in a Honda CRV. But this trip we’re taking on a bit more than normal.

That lovely trunk full of goodness is for my sister’s nursery! If you don’t see a blog about it in a week or so, that means I did a horrible job on my first ever mural and I’m hiding my shame by not posting. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I went to Ikea yesterday and picked up 4 curtains, 2 floating shelves, 2 picture frames and one wall sconce, all for under 175 bones. You read that right. Where else can you get such a bounty of goods without breaking the bank? Did I mention I love Ikea?

Here’s a little preview of some custom bicycle artwork in a $5 Ikea frame. I may be taking the bike theme and running it into the ground, but don’t you love it? Yay for cheap art!

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As soon as I posted Idea Numero Dos for my sister’s nursery, my mom purchased the bicycle pillow and my sister organized getting a projector from school for the bike mural. I guess the idea was received well, no? I’ve done a little tweaking to the idea collage after some consultations with my clients (haha) and would like to present the (close to) final idea collage for this little boy’s kickin’ boudoir. 

We stuck with most of the initial elements, but Emily found this sweet shag rug on Overstock.com that I think would be just the right amount of modern and silliness to make this space everything but serious. I’ve also included the custom bike art that were blogged about earlier. My dad so eloquently commented that the bike art “was very accurate artwork” so I’m glad that we’re paying homage to his paper boy days. A little bit of historical art there for ya, baby.

We’ll also still incorporate some Ikea floating shelves into the space to provide some modern, open storage solutions. We’ll need some sort of bookshelf unit on the closet wall, but that’s another post. Stay tuned!

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