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A while back, I spent a chilly afternoon indoors with a sweet family and their newborn baby, Caroline. When I first saw Caroline, I immediately thought “Gerber baby!” and she didn’t disappoint as the day went on. I’ve been fortunate to have great newborn sessions with happy babies, and Caroline was one of the happiest. Enjoy!

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The Gurleys : Family Session

This may have been my most fun session to date. Let me paint you a little picture: I went back and forth with this family trying to pick the perfect location, and they finally decided on a golf course at a club they’re members at. We hopped on some golf carts and rode around an empty course, filled with beautiful fall leaves and bright sunlight, and took some fun family pictures. You can’t get any better than that can you?

This family is sweet, energetic – and good golly, photogenic! I had a great time exploring a beautiful golf course with them and getting to know them!

One of my favorite things is when children are little mini versions of their parents – and this family is certainly no exception. It makes me excited to see what my (future, not any time soon, don’t get excited, Mom) children will look like!

Hope you enjoyed this session – and hope you’re getting the amazing Fall weather that we are right now!

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Remember this sweet maternity session I shot a few months back? Fast forward to today, and sweet little Norah Elizabeth is in the world! I had the opportunity to take some photos of this adorable girl who just so happens to belong to my wonderful co-worker and good friend, Amanda. I had such a great time meeting Miss Norah and I have to say, she just might be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a good long while.

Amanda is obviously an Interior Designer (as she’s my co-worker) and she did a bang up job on Norah’s nursery. Her brother-in-law upholstered a rocker in pink houndstooth, she re-finished a vintage dresser in a great icy blue, and oh, her husband built an incredible crib. Talk about one lucky baby!

Amanda and her husband are avid readers and found this book idea on Pinterest. The Giving Tree is one of my all time favs.

Ugh, don’t you just wanna eat her little face?! I hope you all enjoy Miss Norah as much as I did!

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The Guyers : Family Session

I told you guys I’ve been busy on the photography front. Bear with me, here – this is a good one. I shot the lovely Guyer family about a year ago, and luckily they came back to me for a second family session! Little Lily is now a year and a half, full of energy, and had a great time running around with her big brother Jacob. This family is so sweet and fun – I had a fun time with them in Uptown this past weekend!

Impromptu dance session? Don’t mind if I do.

This shot was my client’s idea. It’s not my typical style, but I love the way it turned out! I also loved their outfit choices – fun, bright colors that coordinate (not matchy matchy) and fun accessories. Perfect!

Thank you Guyers for a lovely Sunday morning! Hope you enjoy!

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Ryn Jones: Newborn Session

Happy Monday everyone! As much as I’d love to share something design related today, I do have another sweet photo session to share with you all. And no, this isn’t turning into a photography blog – I’ve just been busy on that front lately! This sweet little lady is the adorable newborn of some of our good friends, and she was an absolute saint during our session. She hardly cried at all, even after we changed her outfits multiple times and propped her up on pillows and blankets! I’ll let the pictures do the talking for Miss Ryn!


Ryn’s mom found a cute elephant costume (to go along with her themed nursery) on Etsy. I didn’t think I’d like a baby dressed up as an animal, but it was literally the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Swoon.


Love this little family moment. The parents were so happy!

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Is it just me, or does it seem like babies are everywhere right now? It seems like at the gym, the grocery store, etc. pregnant women are out in full force. It’s just that time of year, no? And this cute little couple is no exception. Amanda is a good friend and coworker of mine, and her husband Wes is (no joke) the sweetest person ever. You would think he was a certified bad-ass by his exterior, but he and Amanda are such a sweet couple – and so excited for their little girl to arrive in a few short weeks!

We spent a hot and sweaty (on my part) afternoon together in a local park, laughing and capturing this exciting time in their lives. Oh, and if I wasn’t friends with Amanda, I think I would hate her. She looks incredible for 8 months pregnant!

Wes is a custom woodworker, so we thought these wood shots were quite fitting.

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Ahh… the beach. We just returned from a lovely vacation with my family and I’m already dying to go back to lazy days filled with ocean breezes and pitchers of mojitos. Le sigh. While we were there relaxing, I took a few pictures of my adorable niece and nephew for my lovely sister. Enjoy the explosion of adorableness!

The newest addition: miss Clara Elaine. I just love her to bits! She’s quite darling, but certainly has a rival in her big bro, Henry. I like to call this GQ baby.

Stud, no? I’ll let the rest of the pictures do the talking.

There is something I love about this last image. It’s just such a sweet moment between two little siblings. We even decided to put together a quick birth announcement from these photos, inspired (i.e. copied) from one I pinned on Pinterest.

Please, feel free to leave comments on how adorable my family is. I really don’t mind.


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Jennifer: Bridal Session


We’ve had quite the whirlwind few weeks and it’s finally time to decompress. Or, in my husband’s case, come down with the flu. Wedding season has sufficiently kicked us in the rear, but the end of it means that I can finally post the photos from Jennifer’s bridal session. My good buds Jen and Anthony tied the knot last weekend, so now I can share the beautiful pictures I took of my lovely friend a couple of months ago.

I contacted a local photographer and she kindly shared with me the location of the Urban Barn. It’s an old mill/run down barn on the outskirts of Charlotte that tons of photographers use for shoots, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was the perfect, outdoor setting that my friend was looking for and incredibly private (ie. no throngs of spectators staring at you in a wedding dress).

Lucky for me, we had A) fantastic light, B) a whole family to assist me, C) a friend who was willing to try anything and D) a gorgeous girl in a wedding dress. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here. :)

If you’re in Charlotte and looking for a hair/makeup artist, Jen went with Jackie of Next Level Makeup. Seriously, phenomenal. She did the hair/makeup on the day of as well and it was stunning!

Congrats to my best bud and her new husband! I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!

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Lily: Baby Session

Remember this little lady from a family session I did a few months back? She’s now 3 months older and as cute as can be! Her Mom contacted me for a 6 month session for little Lily, and I graciously accepted. We spent a quick morning together in Lily’s adorable nursery and out in the beautiful (almost spring) weather to get some pictures of Lily’s everyday activities. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Here’s a little peak of that lovely nursery I was talking about. I really wish I had taken a few more pictures of it to share with you all!

Yummy morning light! And isn’t Lily’s little flower outfit the cutest? Little girls have the best clothes.

One last shot – I took a very similar shot like this in the family session, and I love how you can see how much she’s changed in just 3 short months!

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The Guyers: Family Session

Yes, I promise this is a design blog. I know it seems like a photography and recipe blog recently, but I do have some fun design things in store. I haven’t forgotten my roots. With that being said, I spent this morning with the Guyer family walking around Freedom Park and getting to know their cute little family. We luckily avoided the mass of Avon walkers and found some secluded little spots at the park to document some good quality family/baby time. Enjoy a few pictures from their family session!

The leaves are finally changing in Charlotte and the weather is downright perfect. I know I have a love/hate relationship with Fall, but today was definitely on the love side.

Sweet little Lily is just over 3 months old and was a dream to work with. Yay for happy babies!

Jacob is an avid skateboarder and 7-time 5k runner, all at the tender age of nine. I had fun chasing him around the park trying to get some sweet action shots. I hope he approves of this ollie shot!

Boys will be boys.

I’ll end on this sweet one of Mother and son. Thanks Guyer family for letting me capture a lovely Sunday morning of your lives!

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