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Dear week from hell,

Me, the beach and a bucket of brews are going to spend some quality time together to forget all about you. No hard feelings.

Sincerely, me.


We just recently got back from an amazing trip to Alaska, and boy have we had a hard time adjusting. With fire alarms going off, late work nights, and missing alarm clocks, I’m anxious to give a big heave-ho to this week and spend some quality family time at the beach relaxing and recuperating. In the meantime, (since I know you’ve been missing me dearly) I thought I’d share some DIY invitations I whipped up for my sister-in-law’s upcoming baby shower. She and my big bro are having a little boy and she wanted the invites to be fun, a bit modern and tie in with her nursery colors (lime green and aqua). She mentioned wanting some bunting at her shower, so I felt this design (which they ended up using) was quite appropriate.

Cute and simple, no? I like to give people options, but sometimes I get a bit carried away. I designed 3 invitations for this shower. Yes, there is only one baby being born, but I felt my future nephew deserved the best I could do – which entailed three completely different options.

I really liked the look of this one, but maybe it was a bit too feminine for a boy shower? Enter, option numero tres.

The chevrons are kinda funky and a bit retro, which I really liked as another option. Even though my sister-in-law picked the first card, I’d like to see what everyone else thinks. Are you batty over bunting, digging the dots or groovin on chevron? Sound off!

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a blog break. I’ve been dealing with some things in my personal life, and I needed a break to do just that – deal. Sometimes life can be scary, or frustrating, or down right confusing. And then to top it all off, I now have a cold. Whaa. You didn’t know you were stepping into a whine fest today, did you?

My faithful readers (i.e. two of my friends) started to ask “when are you going to blog again?” so I figured I should hop on the blogging wagon once again. Thanks for being patient and hanging around, despite my unannounced absence. I’ll get back into the swing of things with a quick little project that I worked up for mi madre. After I threw the greeny baby shower a couple of weeks ago, my Mom said that she was throwing a girly baby shower that could use some rockin’ food tags.

The colors for the shower were chocolate-brown and pink, and these tags had to obviously be more girl oriented than my previous shower. I decided to add a cute little scalloped detail to up the cuteness factor and changed up the fonts to something a bit softer.

I left a bit of negative space on the bottom on the tag so the text and scalloped lines would appear more centered on the tag. Oh, and if you’re looking for these simple card holders, I found them on the most random site, thanks to good ol’ Google. A lot of other card holders out there are too “wedding-y” but these are simple (and cheap) enough to fit any venue.

Of course I rounded the corners to these cards to make them that much more girly. Am I obsessed with rounding corners on everything I print? Quite possibly… but look how cute these cards look! I couldn’t resist. If only I had access to a letterpress, these cards would literally make me DIE with cuteness. Anyone else have a weird obsession like me? Leave some love!

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You’ve seen the idea collage and now it’s time for the unveiling of the greeny baby shower that my blogging cohort, Evelyn, and I whipped up for our very pregnant friend and her hubby. We decided to throw a simple and fun shower, filled with candy (the mom’s favorite), drinks and no games whatsoever. This was a couple’s shower, so we provided the booze and the good times found themselves – and it was a hit! The decorations and the food went off without a hitch, and definitely kept with our modern green, black and white color scheme. Get ready for an eyegasm of pictures headed your way!

We jazzed up the parents’ entry way with some simple bunting in a fun arrangement. This let our guests know that grabbing a beer and kicking back was totally acceptable at this baby shower.

We then had a simple candy bar that was at the entry (next to the gift table) so people could pick up a goody bag of candy on their way out… or as they entered. We used simple glass vases of varying sizes to keep things consistent, and even raised some of the smaller vases up to add some height with a glass cake stand. The varying heights kept the visual going up and around, and helped to keep the arrangement from looking flat. We kept the candy in the green/white/black family and added some simple flower arrangements on each side to add another fun pop of green.

I didn’t focus on keeping all of the greens the same color – I just kept things bright and fun and everything seemed to coordinate just fine.

These simple gift bag were the perfect parting gift for our guests. Everyone could grab what they wanted and had the freedom to take a whole bag of tootsie rolls, or a combo of everything on the bar.

I printed these simple food tags on white card stock (still working on my industrial pack of cardstock, I tell you) to tie the whole party together. These also tied back into the invitations I sent out earlier, as well as brought in another little pop of green to liven things up.

We kept the food table simple with white and glass platters and a little strip of bunting across the front. I whipped up some simple flower arrangements with green button mums and a bit of divine twine tied around the vase.

I didn’t think a thicker ribbon worked with our simple, modern shower, so a bit of divine twine was just the ticket to give the flower arrangements a little something extra. I ordered the green mums in bulk from a local florist and saved a ton of money making¬†my own arrangements. There’s something to be said for simplicity – it’s easy on the wallet!

We kept our menu pretty simple for the 2 o’clock shower. Evelyn whipped up some yummy cheese and cracker platters, as well as some delicious spicy cheese straws that were a definite hit. Add in some seven layer dip, veggies and dips, and we had plenty of food to feed 30 party goers.

More bunting made its way around the bar to tie the drink area and desert bar into the rest of the space.

Cute green polka dot cupcake liners and green sprinklers on the cupcakes were the perfect desert for this boy baby shower (as well as rice krispie treats – another favorite of the mom-to-be). These orange vanilla cupcakes were actually made from scratch! Check out the full story on Evelyn’s blog here.

Guests could get their drink on in another part of the kitchen (it helped with traffic flow to keep this area away from the food and dessert areas). We had lemonade for our preggo guests, as well as margaritas (green, of course!) and simple buckets filled with sodas and beer. This shower was definitely no-nonsense which was perfect for this modern, laid back couple. Let me know your thoughts on the final product!

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I may have found a new obsession – bunting. I started to make a couple for the greeny baby shower that’s coming up this weekend, and I got a little carried away – and made five. This may be a bit overboard for the shower, but I just couldn’t help myself! Once I whipped up one set of these cute little triangles-on-a-string, I wanted to make more – and wanted them all over my house. Take a stab at this simple little project and you’ll be hooked as well!

I started out with this simple flag template (courtesy of fellow blogger, OhBrooke). The tapered flap helps to attach your triangles to your twine (or string, yarn, whatever) and giving your final banner a clean, finished look.

I then cut a tooooon of triangles out of some fun green, black and white papers, hailing from Paper Source and Michaels. I really didn’t think about how many triangles one banner would make, hence the 5 total banners I ended up with. Whoops. I pre-folded my triangles ahead of time so the assembly would be quick and easy. I made sure the patterns of my papers were of varying scales, so the bunting had some interest and didn’t look like the same flag over and over.

I, again, went a little overboard and used a combo of rubber cement and scotch tape to attach the flags to my divine twine (love that stuff). Side note: we went looking for rubber cement at Home Depot and Target and neither store had any. The Target employee actually said that she had never even heard of rubber cement – what kind of world are we living in where people don’t know what rubber cement is!? Luckily for me, I work for a company that has an overstock of rubber cement at my fingertips for such dire situations. Phew. I used the rubber cement to hold the twine in place, and added a strip of scotch tape on the back to make sure the thicker papers didn’t come unglued (the shame!)

Voila! Bunting brilliance right there, folks. I don’t know why something so simple gets me so hyped, but I really love this stuff. Would it be wrong to incorporate this into my daily home decor?

Yeah, maybe. But perfect for a boy baby shower, no? Let’s hope the Mom-to-be doesn’t judge me for showing up with a bag full of bunting to decorate her house. My house is living vicariously through hers.

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I’m at that point in my life where my friends are having babies. Alien children are growing inside of their stomachs and will soon be walking the earth amongst the rest of us, by some form of magic or science fiction. Can you tell I’m not quite at that point in my life yet? :) While I think babies are fine and dandy, I’d rather spend my time at this point being an awesome¬†aunt and throwing fun baby showers for my friends who are into the alien-in-your-belly thing.

One of my best buds in Charlotte has a bun in the oven, so I decided to team up with my friend Evelyn and throw a fun shower for the parents-to-be. My preggo friend was a bit nervous to have a shower thrown for her, since she’s not into the whole “measure my belly” and “guess the poo” types of games that most showers entail. I promised her that this party would just be a gathering of friends with a simple premise, yummy food, and loads of baby gifts. And some fun decorations that tie perfectly into my modern theme. Because that’s how I roll. We met the other night to discuss our agenda and came up with a crisp and clean color scheme that will be perfect for this no-nonsense modern mama.

This “mood board” of sorts is basically where we’re headed with the shower. No barn yard animals or dump truck themes for this Mom. The things I know about her are as follows: her wedding was black and white, her nursery will be green, and she lives and breathes on candy and cupcakes alone. Put those all together, and voila, a shower idea was born.

I’ll keep you all up to date with the details once the actual shower comes together, but for now I’d like to share a quick little invitation that I whipped up in Illustrator the other day. Yes, you read that right – Scott and I have taken the plunge and decided to teach ourselves Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop is still my number one bestie, but for anything that we plan to print, Illustrator is where it’s at. I know I wanted something simple and graphic for the invitations, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t pigeonholing us into a theme by making any sort of animal or baby-themed item the focus.

A bunch of fun fonts in varying sizes, placed just so to fill up the page was just the ticket. The dotted lines help to give the invitation some structure and keep the mis-mash of text from being too difficult to read. The little pops of chartreuse bring in the fun accent color, and draw the reader’s attention to key points as they read along.

I printed these on my old standby, white card stock. I really do have a lifetime supply, so thank goodness I’m into DIY invitations. I’m still debating on rounding the corners of these bad boys for a softer, baby-ish feel, but I’ll let you give me your two cents on that one. Stay tuned for more modern baby shower items coming your way in the future!

Images courtesy of yours truly, the almighty Google, Whisker Graphics, Etsy, and Flickr

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